MARKED MEN, THE: On the Other Side: LP

Jan 30, 2019

It’s kind of weird reviewing a Marked Men record in 2018. I mean, it’s been a solid decade since their last full-length record but if anything, the love for Denton’s finest has only grown in that time. Being the completist nerd I am when it comes to my favorite bands, I already have all the singles that this compilation pulls from, but it’s a Marked Men release so here we are (not to mention the unreleased tracks, but more on them later). Let’s face facts here. You’re reading Razorcake so it is safe to say that you are familiar with The Marked Men. Garage punk via power pop. Often unintelligible lyrics that somehow still manage to stick in your head for days, weeks, months on end. It is beyond me how any one band has a right to have written so many perfect songs. The singles span their entire recorded existence, from the debut single on Mortville Records in 2003 up to their final single “On” b/w “The Other Side” on 540 Records in 2010. There is not a throw away track in the bunch, including the two unreleased numbers “Disappear” and “Don’t Cry.” There are no dates given for those ones, but to me they sound on the earlier side, and do not disappoint. On one hand, it is upsetting to me that there will most likely never be another new Marked Men album, but on the other hand when you have a damn near perfect discography, perhaps it’s best to leave well enough alone… Nah, I’d give almost anything for a new Marked Men album. You know damn well it would be perfect, too. –Ty Stranglehold (Dirtnap)