MARK MURPHY & THE MEDS: Crest of a Different Wave: Digital

Sep 16, 2021

The past sixteen months have seen a rise in one person bands using technology to create and release music. This time it’s Mark Murphy’s turn. For those unaware of Murphy’s pedigree, he has both Crocodile God and The No Marks on his CV, bands known for tuneful punk rock. This four-track release, which comes ahead of a physical album later in the year, does a grand job of displaying an ear for a killer tune along with a bit of an effervescent Lookout! Records vibe in places. Saying that, the opening track appropriates the intro to Stiff Little Fingers’ “Nobody’s Hero” and has me hooked each time I listen to it—plus it has some quality bass guitar on it which bounces all over the place. It’s really strong pop punk which has whetted my appetite ahead of the album release. The expectation is that this will be a fully-fledged band featuring members of Crocodile God, so there’s a good chance of seeing these songs played live one day. –Rich Cocksedge (Kezy P)

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