Jan 21, 2022

Lookout! Records fan Mark Murphy certainly wears his heart on his sleeve with this solo band project. Nine of the ten tracks provide the same fizzing pop punk which that label was predominantly known for. Throw in a few moments which have a Beatles’ quality if it had been a pure power pop outfit, and it’s easy to see he’s aiming big in what he’s trying to produce. The one track that sits outside of this gamut is “Hardcore Four,” which, as the name implies, takes on a more raucous and metallic tone. On the Brink looks back in moving forwards, and this is a highly enjoyable album for all those who love punk-infused pop. As a postscript, I put this on the other day when I was feeling pretty shitty. It bucked my mood up no end from the first track. It’s got all kinds of positives going for it and I’ve yet to discover a negative. –Rich Cocksedge (All-In-Vinyl, [email protected], / Brassneck, / Bloated Kat, [email protected], / Horn & Hoof, [email protected],

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