Mar 15, 2022

Debut solo album from the singer/guitarist of Screaming Females. I’ve been all in on the band since their 2012 Albini-produced double album Ugly, and have played their stuff over and over again for friends. The folks who’ve withstood my attempts at conversion/brainwashing have unanimously agreed that Marissa is an amazing guitarist, but have said that her voice and its tremolo is an acquired taste. With this in mind, it might seem that Peace Meter might not be a great entry point for noobs: shreddin’ guitar takes a backseat to programmed beats, with Marissa’s voice more at the fore. But! This pandemic album is simultaneously chilly and invitingly intimate, with doubled vox and plaintive picked notes pulling listeners into cohesive, atmospheric arrangements highlighting her strengths both as a musician and performer. Especially resonant when headphones wring every last detail out of this beautiful batch of songs. –Michael T. Fournier (Don Giovanni,