MARICAS, LOS: Escupiendo Tulipanes: CD

Jan 31, 2018

Ms. Yvonne Drazan hepped me to these cats, who hail from Bogota. Well ensconced within the “punk” pigeonhole, they nonetheless run riot from one of its corners to the next—hardcore one second, straight punk the next, a quick veer towards the horizon where alt-rock once bordered, then back for a full-bore hyper-thrash session. This musical hodge-podge works well for them here—surely keeping you on yer toes and ever-wondering what’s gonna come at you next—all of it delivered with creativity and quality. I’ve learned over the years to listen when Yvonne says to pay attention, and she’s right on the nose here again: these kids are badass. –Jimmy Alvarado (Los Maricas,