MARC WITH A C: Obscurity: CD

May 23, 2018

This basically sounds like open mic night distilled into compact disc form. It’s not quite goofy enough to pass as a full-on joke band, but it definitely seems like this guy’s songwriting identity revolves around disguising awkward humor as edgy social commentary. I’m cringing at so many of these lines—real winners include “I’ll check my privilege at the door so you don’t get too upset,” “I’m a genderfluid otherkin just like my parents,” and “[Harry Potter] had as much impact on me as other things that don’t exist, like Jesus Christ.” Plus whatever the hell he’s trying to say in “The New Normal” about a lady who calls the cops “on a silly whim” that ends up in a domestic violence charge. Yikes. Marc also seems to be really, really anxious about technology, in that special way of people who believe that being tech-literate and appreciating what’s real in life are mutually exclusive. Kinda sounds like an indie rock Weird Al, to tell you the truth, but without the actual jokes. –Indiana Laub (Self-released,