MAR: Fill Your Lungs: CS

Nov 22, 2017

This cassette from Providence two-piece Mar has been impossible for me to stay away from. It’s loud, grimy, and haunting. It truly feels like some shit is getting worked out, turned inside out, and left to die. I would call it sludge, but there some parts that are so fast and beat-driven that that seems to be an unfair tease to lead with. With only six songs ranging from one to eight minutes, the vocals and guitars seem to be part of the same instrument, rusted and plunging forward in the dark. Also, these two do everything themselves from designing and printing the simple and striking cassette insert to hand-delivering it to my apartment in a box from a relatively fancy sex toy with a note apologizing that the box held the tape instead of said sex toy. So. –Theresa W. (Self-released)