MANTS, THE: Bug Rock Invasion: 10”

May 20, 2019

Do you remember the garage rock explosion of the mid-’90s? Well gather around because old man Stranglehold is going to tell you a tale of the days of yore. A tale of vintage guitars, organs, and pinstriped suits. A tale of twitching antennae, crushing mandibles, and the enslavement of humanity by the Mants of Planet X (aka Calgary, Alberta). Many years after those “gory daze,” those lovable insectoid ramblers relocated to the damp climate of Victoria, BC. Bug Rock Invasion is The Mants’ first outing since their 2016 debut Do the Dummy (still trying to figure out why it took twenty years to get that first album out. They must be operating on Planet X time) and it is more of the rip-roaring rock we’ve come to expect from the segmented trio: fuzzy, crunchy, and nothing but fun. I love the fact that The Mants have been in my life for damn near twenty-five year and I, for one, welcome my Mantish overlords. Bow to your masters! –Ty Stranglehold (Chaputa!,