Sep 26, 2019

Two of my all-time favorite bands on one record! That doesn’t happen too often, and okay, it’s essentially the same band, just with some personnel changes (MLB was first, and had Paul and Olav from Seein’ Red in the line up, and DSP formed after MLB split, and with a different drummer). That doesn’t diminish the crushing music both bands mete out. On this record each band covers two songs from classic hardcore bands from the days of yore; MLB cover SSD and G.B.H, and DSP cover Alone In A Crowd, and Underdog. The DSP renditions are scorching! Their version of Underdog’s “True Blue” is a head turner. There’s more punch in the rhythm, and Michiel’s voice is great. That snarl is confident and soaked in attitude. –Matt Average (Refuse,, [email protected])