MANIFEST (ZINE) #7, $8, 5” x 7”, color, 24 pgs.

Jul 20, 2022

“Part lit mag, part artist book, part chapbook,” as described by its creator Jen Payne, Manifest (Zine) is packed with striking visual and literary output from sixteen contributors, including Payne. Issue #7, published in Spring 2022 and titled “Water,” contains quotes, poetry, prose, photography, original artwork, and a front and back cover that reflect the theme of water. Juliana Harris contributed the poem “Poseidon’s Ex-Wife”; Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely, the poem “Wishes of Fish”; Tara Buckley, the prose “Ode to (a) Spring,” and so on. Artwork includes Rhonda Longo’s painting of a lighthouse, Laurel Valli’s collage of the sea, and more. In her introduction to Manifest (Zine), Payne says, “Water is inspiration and memories, respite and connection. Water is home.” Maybe readers of Manifest (Zine) will find connections to their relationship with water in its pages. –Gina Murrell (Three Chairs Publishing, PO Box 453, Branford, CT 06405)

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