MANIAC: Midnight Kino: 7”

Mar 22, 2017

I am really naïve. Even though the album art of this power pop punk single is a photo of a shop emblazoned with the words “vidio-sex” all over it, it took me a while to get the lyrics to “Midnight Kino.” The last lyric is “pajas por el Reeperbahn,” which I Google Translated ASAP. I understand Spanish (or so I thought), and didn’t know what “pajas” meant. The first translations were cute, like the Swedish one that meant “comedian, clown, or buffoon.” I still didn’t get it. Spanish to English pulled up “straws” which didn’t make sense, then “masturbation.” Bingo. Masturbation in the Reeperbahn, a major red-light district in Germany. Ohh. Kino means “movie theater” in German. Masturbating in the midnight movie theater. Got it. There are 450 pressed total, and one hundred of the copies are pressed on red vinyl with a bonus peep window on the cover. –Cynthia Pinedo (Modern Action,

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