MANIAC: Dead Dance Club: LP

Jul 25, 2018

This has been on rotation since I got my greedy little hands on it. Dead Dance Club is Maniac’s second LP and they seem to have hit their stride. “City Lights,” “ Calamine,” “Living in Stereo,” and “Dead Dance Club” are my personal faves and have an earworm effect where I find myself randomly humming melodies, but honestly I think every song on this LP is solid. Zache Davis’s vocals are snotty and distorted, with back-up vox of bassist Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls), that perfectly punctuate the super slick, hook-laden melodies of Andrew Zappin’s guitar. James Carmen keeps everything in step, without one hair out of place, and offers up clean, crisp beats that flourish rather than distract from their overall sound. If I had to compare Maniac’s sound, the best I could do was say they’re a mash-up of power pop Cheap Trick and Teengenerate... but greasier. Straight-up dirty charmers. –Camylle Reynolds (Dirtcult / Hovercraft)