MANIAC: Dead Dance Club: LP

Jul 25, 2018

I can’t tell you how long I have been itching to hear this. Actually, I can. It was almost immediately after I heard their debut album a few years ago. I was hooked and I needed more. I gushed about it in these very pages where I talked about their distinct “Pacific Northwest filtered through Los Angeles sound.” I stand by that, but with the release of their sophomore album it is clear that this band is so much more. Right from the kick off it is apparent that this record is something special. It’s like an invisible hand reached inside me and started shaking my spine back and forth so my head would start jerking up and down like some kind of possessed bobblehead. The people at the bus stop were concerned. Is there such a thing as serious partying? Maniac is serious partying. I absolutely love The Cars. When I first put this on, the first thing I thought was “It’s like The Cars were tougher, modernized and fifty times better!” I can’t get these songs out of my head and I couldn’t be happier. –Ty Stranglehold (Dirt Cult)