MANGY: Is This a Little Too Much?: 7”

Sep 22, 2022

Short answer: not even close. Mangy has blown me away every time I’ve had the opportunity to experience them. This is precisely the kind of electrifying discovery I’m always hoping to find when I’m scouring the local music scenes for punk bands I don’t know. It took me seconds to know that this was incredibly my shit, and that was based off the recorded material. Seeing them live, of course, is a completely different beast. An elaborate (you know, for a local punk band) stage production accompanies them when they grace the stage. The songwriting is infectious, the drums are blistering. Describing them sonically is deceptively hard. To me, they are so firmly established as Mangy in my brain. Death ray to my head, it’s a Saturday morning interpretation of Dead Kennedys, Dead Milkmen, and garage rock, generally played with an absolutely Herculean amount of energy. God bless Mangy. –Gwen Static (Moodkiller,