MANDIBLE KLAW: Mankind Grind: LP

Mar 17, 2021

Forty years into the hardcore genre, it’s tough to make an impression with something new. This Calgary-based band’s new record has done just that, by twisting and turning, bringing the unexpected. You start the record off thinking you’re in for some Kid Dynamite/Propagandhi style hardcore—totally fine if unoriginal. But after a couple songs you realize that’s not it at all: this is some Nardcore-respecting hardcore insanity! Wild, R.K.L.-inspired riffage, short, blazing solos, and the perfect balance of speed and aggression. The last time I heard a band get this style right was nearly twenty years ago when Holier Than Thou? dropped their masterpiece, The Hating of the Guts. If first impressions are any indication, Mankind Grind is destined to reside alongside that classic in the rock’n’roll nightmare section of your collection. –Chad Williams (Wastedwax,