MANDATES: Dead in the Face: LP

Jan 30, 2019

Western Canada’s kings of rock’n’roll are back with another ten tracks of ultra-slick, guitar slinging action. Dead in the Face, produced as usual by Pat Kearns (of Exploding Hearts fame), makes this album shine like it should, not unlike the band’s last two efforts. To me, Mandates are the Canadian parallel of NYC’s Wyldlife, and that’s a compliment. This LP sounds closer to a revved/punked-up Cheap Trick than ever, and everything is right where it needs to be. This band is a pinnacle of Canadian punk from the last ten years, featuring members of No Problem, Territories, Feel Alright, among others. If this sounds like your thing, don’t hesitate. Fitting for the band to now call This Is POP Records home. –Steve Adamyk (This Is POP,