MAN-EATERS: Self-titled: CS

May 20, 2019

From the same piss-flooded alleys of Chicago as Tarantüla and Cülo come Man-Eaters with a six-song demo of degenerate punk that is as rockin’ as it is destructive. Imagine you just got off work and you’re tired as shit but don’t want to go home. There are some sketchy looking guys in front of the local bar shooting dice and smoking cigs. They see your Dictators button and strike up a conversation. Before you know it you’re in the bar with them and having a great time after such a shit day on the job. You go take a piss and come back and your new friends are gone. And so is your bike that you left locked up outside. You’re a little too drunk to care but you remember they handed you a flier to their bands’ show. You decide that you’re going to the show and you’re going to take it out on someone. You worked right into the Man-Eaters’ plans. –Juan Espinosa (Self-released, [email protected])