Sep 22, 2023

If I can get away with a low-effort comparison here, this Baltimore band kinda sounds like Amyl & The Sniffers, give or take a fleeting moment of brilliance or two. Were I required to provide slightly deeper insights, I’d compare them to mid-eighties New Jersey band Children In Adult Jails, though CIAJ tended to be a bit more “out there” and Mallwalker sound more like straight-up processed 1985 punk food product. The vocals occasionally drip with Kathleen Hanna-type sarcasm, which I suppose makes sense for a band calling themselves “Mallwalker.” On the lighter side, the cassette packaging lacks any mention of song titles whatsoever. Jeez, even Boy/Mouth have song titles! BEST SONG: The one where she doesn’t like the person who has a finger in her hair. BEST SONG TITLE: “Self-Titled Album Recorded Aug 2019 by Eric and Stacy at Sex Tape Records.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The live side starts with a couple of minutes of people just saying “check” into the microphones, apparently to maximize authenticity of experience.–Rev. Nørb (Tetryon Tapes)

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