Two rippers on one record! Male Patterns always deliver, and this is their best yet: three blazers that come in fast and somehow heavy at the same time. The vocals remind me of Econochrist with that deep, from-the-gut growl. Take the best elements of Swedish and Bay Area punk and you get something close to Male Patterns, though they do remind me of Devoid Of Faith, but that could be because they’re from Albany. “Self Abuse” is a scorcher. This is my first time hearing the Executors, and I’m an instant fan. They have some metal in their guitar—or maybe they’re just showing off they have a guitar player who knows his way around—but they’re a pretty straight forward hardcore band for the most part. Fast, tuneful, and direct. When this COVID shit finally lifts both bands should take over the world, if there’s any justice in this world. –Matt Average (Shock To The System)