MALADROIT: Real Life Super Weirdos: LP

Jan 24, 2024

Paris’s Maladroit say it best on their Bandcamp page: “Our song structures are simple as fuck, choruses sticky like a ‘pomme d’amour.’” At first I thought that this record might be basic party punk schtick, and fun, let’s-get-drunk-and-do-stupid-shit rock’n’roll, but I’ll be damned if there’s not consistently something serious Maladroit has to say under their rollicking mountain ridiculousness. The closing track “Rich Assholes Won’t Save the World” did it all for me—straightforward, rocking, and with a chorus that howls a truth so simple that sometimes we miss it. Well done, gents! –The Lord Kveldulfr (Monster Zero / Guerilla Asso / Slow Death)

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