May 31, 2017

Surely the most stupendous South African musical assemblage since Kruger, Randy, And The Bleached Boys, the Make-Overs are a long-tenured boy/girl duo who, when not occasionally rocketing off into straight thrash neighborhoods, bounce around between sounding like a cross between the Urinals and the White Stripes and a cross between the Jesus & Mary Chain and the Wipers. The back cover says this is recorded “live to tape,” but it sure the hell sounds like there’s more than one guitar part going on—so either they weren’t a two-piece at the time of this recording, the guy is just Wilko Johnsoning the absolute fuck out of his guitar, or I plain dunno what “recorded live to tape” means. Not bad, but I am unsure that I am tasting the full black sperm of their vengeance at present.

BEST SONG: “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You,” which is not the Sugarloaf song. BEST SONG TITLE: “Leech,” because it’s short. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Every time I’ve played this record I’ve mistakenly played side 2 first. ­–Rev. Nørb (Heel Turn,


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