MAGNUM FORCE: Discography: LP

Sep 20, 2017

Do you feel a void in your hardcore heart? Are you burned out on Charles Bronson’s Complete Discocrappy and Scholastic Deth’s Final Examiner? Then, behold Magnum Force’s discography and, boy, it’s an endurance test: thirty-nine powerviolence songs in roughly forty-five minutes. Remembered mostly for their split with ACxDC and Sex Prisoner, Magnum Force, from Arizona, had a slew of hard-to-find releases besides the three-way split. Although nothing here is essential, I love me a good discography. Maybe it’s because I’m a compulsive collector and having everything in one place makes things neat and tidy. Or maybe, when a band consistently shreds like Magnum Force, a trip through their entire catalog puts a smile on my face. The only downside: no track listing. Then again, why the hell would you need a track listing for a powerviolence record? Just listen to the whole damn thing all over again! –Sean Arenas (To Live A Live, / 502 Push Wait)