MAGGOT BRAIN #1 and #2, $12, 9” x 12”, printed, 128 pgs.

Yeah, the price tag is steep. But the cost is totally worth it: Maggot Brain is edited by Mike McGonigal, late of stalwart zines Chemical Imbalance and Yeti. Each issue of his new enterprise is stuffed with enough punk stuff to serve as a hook: issue #1 features articles on Swell Maps and Mia Zapata; issue #2 includes Don Letts and Toody Cole from Dead Moon. For me, the most rewarding reading in both issues was the weirdo, fringe stuff: a Detroit sign painter named Bird in issue #1; Arabic jazz musician Yazz Ahmed in issue #2. McGonigal has a great editorial sense for sniffing out interesting writing in all of its varied and more than occasionally out-there forms. In all, Maggot Brain’s curation and energy puts it up there with great glossy zines of yore like Motorbooty and Grand Royal—no small praise. Get it if you can! –Michael T. Fournier (c/o Third Man, 441 W. Canfield St., Detroit, MI 48201)