MADISON BLOODBATH: Gettin’ Loose with…: LP

May 24, 2022

Originally released only on CD in 2008, Heartpuncher’s going the reissue route with some eyeball-singeing neon green vinyl in 2022. While nostalgia always threatens to tinge reissues such as this, I can say that this band was solid for sure. Odes to youth, debauchery, friendship, regret, all of it housed in titles like “Wolfman Has Nards” and “Prom Night at the Burn Clinic.” This kind of stuff— couched somewhere between Hot Water Music and the Lawrence Arms—was so prevalent in the late ’00s, and these guys did a good job at it. Moving, catchy as shit, buoyant and gruff, with a lot of guts and fears buried beneath the hooks. Definitely a solid outing, and it’s cool that Gettin’ Loose with… is available as a platter now. Still wish they’d re-release their demo version of Bragg’s “A New England,” which I remember being fantastic. –Keith Rosson (Heartpuncher)