MAD SIN: Mad Sin Classics Volume One: Chills and Thrills in a Drama of Mad Sins and Mystery / Distorted Dimensions: CD

Nov 22, 2017

Released in 2017, this is a set of the first two albums by Germany’s Mad Sin. The first is 1988’s Chills and Thrills…— very psychobilly, very ‘80s. Has some interesting touches of Captain Beefheart, especially on track eight, “Shake the Thing.” On to 1990’s Distorted Dimensions! This one is a little rougher than its precursor but still pretty true-to-form and of its time. Track four, “It Bites,” starts off with a riff that any X fan would love, it quickly falls back into psychobilly territory, and mostly stays there but adds a few extra bits of fuzz and other subtle deviations. –Nicole X (Concrete Jungle)