MAD PARADE: Self-titled: LP

Mar 19, 2024

I’m not even gonna pretend to be partial—I’m a long-time Mad Parade fan and this, their 1984 debut salvo in the form of a “mini-album,” is a big reason why. I’d seen them a year prior at a long-gone Hollywood punk club and was both awed by how damned good they were live and almost felt like my inevitable fandom was fated when they busted into a spirited cover of Coven’s “One Tin Soldier,” which is the theme of Billy Jack, one of my all-time favorite movies. When this debut was released, I greedily snatched up a copy at Poobah Records in Pasadena, and it’s been in rotation ever since. “One Tin Soldier” rightly became a bit of a hit on KROQ, but the originals on it were just as catchy, crucial slabs of U.K.-meets-L.A. punk goodness, especially “Hollywood Vampires,” which for my money is one of the best tunes L.A. County ever produced. On this reissue, you get four great additional tunes from the original session that were inexplicably left off the original, which beef this bad boy up to a bona fide full length. Forty years down the road and this is still mandatory listening. –Jimmy Alvarado (Gutterwail,

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