MAD PARADE: A Thousand Words: LP

Mar 19, 2024

Even within a musical revolution, there are always iconoclasts swimming against the tide, and bless ’em. While ’80s L.A. hardcore was in full screamy swirl, Mad Parade was in the thick of things pushing against the grain. While others zipped along atop a light-speed atonal howl, they were delivering song after song of (largely) mid-tempo songs more sonically aligned with, say, 999 and The Crowd than Final Conflict and the Neos. Not that they were “retro” or couldn’t hold their own on a bill; quite the contrary. Not only could, and did, they hold their own, they outlasted many (if not most) of their peers, continuing to perform and release records until last decade. This reissue of their first full-length, originally released on BYO in 1987, is a pitch-perfect distillation of first-wave melodicism and hardcore bite—rock solid foundations, loud guitars, the right balance of urgency and attitude, and tunes you can actually hum. The artwork/packaging is in line with the original release and an extra track has been tacked on to accompany the original ten, all of which is delivered just in time to earworm its way onto this summer’s tune rotation, as it should be. –Jimmy Alvarado (Gutterwail,

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