Jul 20, 2022

This truly magical oi EP hails from Brooklyn. Featuring members of The Krays and Darkside NYC, Mad Mulligans play precisely the straightforward sound that those of us into this subgenre crave. There seems to be a slight shortage of new oi over the course of the past couple of years, with the two Mad Mulligans efforts standing out as prime examples of a form that won’t die, despite its many detractors. Powerful anthems with titles like “Gentrified” and “Divided We Fall” comprise this release. All six of the tracks here are positive, catchy, and instantly lovable. Hopefully Mad Mulligans continue on with an LP. The mantra in the promo material boasts the phrases “no thug rock” and “no metal.” Amen to that! –Art Ettinger (Rotten Bastard,