Aug 25, 2016

Brooklyn’s Mad Doctors join forces with fellow Brooklynites Sun Voyager for this split single. Mad Doctors craft a blend of punk’n’roll with a hint of surf on the A Side track “Rusty Knife.” There should be a warning label that you must like reverb to listen to this, because if you don’t, this song will surely cut your eardrums until they bleed. If you’re like me and love jangly guitars, then you’ll be sure to check up on whatever experiments the Mad Doctors unleash next. I wasn’t as much of a fan of Sun Voyager on first listen. The more I listened to it, the more it grew on me, to the point that I think I prefer Sun Voyager over Mad Doctors. While “Ghost Valley,” starts out a bit slow, when it crashes into full gear, it’s quite a psyched-out burner. The Mad Doctors track was good for what it was, but didn’t hold up as well after repeated listens. –Paul J. Comeau (King Pizza,

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