MAD CADDIES: Punk Rocksteady: CD

Sep 17, 2018

Very few bands could pull off what the Mad Caddies have done with their punk covers record, Punk Rocksteady. Sure, there aren’t any deep cuts here, but that’s what makes this album special. While the lyrics to all your punk faves from the last thirty years are very recognizable, the music has been completely rearranged to fit reggae/ska melodies and tempos. That likely took forever. Jesus. Most of them lean towards a slower reggae tempo rather than traditional ska punk, and that’s the way I prefer it, anyway. And they picked my top Descendents track (“Jean Is Dead”), to boot. It’s tough for me to get behind a lot of modern ska, but this record was enjoyable. I have to admire the skill behind what it took to make this. –Steve Adamyk (Fat,