Mar 15, 2022

A true legend of the underground, Mad Brother Ward is currently known best for successfully stepping into the shoes of Joe Young in ANTiSEEN after Young died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 2014. Yet Mad Brother Ward had an interesting recorded output of his own back in the day, with legions of fans swearing by his unique take on classic punk. This single is his first new record in almost thirty years, and it does not disappoint. Both tracks are hits, and it’s going to be a damn shame if he doesn’t follow it up with a full-length in the near future. Pressed on beautiful blue vinyl with an etching on the B-side, the packaging is as deluxe as the songwriting, replete with a cool Mad Brother Ward sticker. Another example of the pandemic pushing an artist back into the fold; to call this return a welcome one is a gross understatement. –Art Ettinger (Ruined,

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