MACHINE GO BOOM: When We’re Ghosts: CS

May 24, 2022

A collection of unreleased songs from Cleveland’s Machine Go Boom, When We’re Ghosts is a great introduction to this band. And I say that as someone who hadn’t heard of them before and now is very interested! It has a very early 2000s feel but with the Midwest sensibilities of Good Luck. A highlight is “Permit for Sgt. Buzzkill” which offers a somewhat sparse and simple rumination on sadness, which I appreciate as kind of a sad person. It always makes me happy to see the return of a local beloved and this tape is right up that alley—it captures the feeling of the era when the band was first together while also demonstrating growth and depth that’s probably come along with some more time to work it out, you know? Glad these guys are back together. You’ve got a new fan. –Theresa W. (Just Because)

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