M SECTION: Pastrami Salami: LP

Sep 29, 2020

Hailing from Santa Rosa, Calif., M Section is the band that a couple members of Decent Criminal were in prior to forming that surfy, poppy group. These songs are much more straight-forward, gritty, fast punk with enticing guitar leads. Singer Brian Gellman almost pushes his voice past the point of blowing out, yet it still holds strong. His vocals are one part nasally Fat Mike, twenty-five parts Mike Wiebe, and one hundred parts Brian Gorsegner. Don’t bother checking my math; it adds up I swear. And with the exception of NOFX, I’d easily book these guys on a bill with those singers. M Section would fit right in with Night Birds and Riverboat Gamblers. Though when you throw in their intermittent hardcore breakdowns, I’d add Kid Dynamite to that list of comparisons. A lot of the songs are so fucking fast that it’s hard to understand the words, and the lyrics are pretty sloppily written on the back of the record, so that’s not much help either. “Splenda” is about diabetes I think? It’s got a “Rawhide”-inspired intro as well. It’s hard to pin down a genre for these guys since they pull so many styles within one record and somehow make it a cohesive release. Get this. –Kayla Greet (Self-released, facebook.com/msectionband)