Sep 23, 2016

M.O.T.O.: Obviously masterful rock’n’roll. Paul C. has had his attack honed in for going on four decades now, and the four tracks on the M.O.T.O. side of this record show that his edge hasn’t dulled. Long gone seem the lo-fi four-track recordings, but the content of the songs is still present. Straightforward punk rock’n’roll with lyrics about rocking, rolling, dying, and how you need a knee to the groin. Indeed! PKN: If you had played this for me without telling me anything about it, I woulda thought that it was some lost relic from the ‘80s, probably from Brazil (Olho Seco was coming to mind). As it turns out, PKN is a current Finnish band, compromised of four adult men living with developmental disabilities. As it also turns out, I don’t know my ass from my elbow when it comes to Finnish punk (or, apparently, Brazilian punk). My ignorance aside, the three tracks contained herein are pretty good, straightforward punk stompers. The vocals are aggressive enough to be hardcore, and the music, too, is crude and aggressive; however, the tempo keeps them firmly on the punk side of the line. The lyrics are in Finnish, so I have no idea what they are singing about, but I’d like to imagine that they sing about throwing pickled fish at political figures. Not too shabby. –Vincent (Blast Of Silence)