M.O.T.O.: Ampeg Stud!: LP

Nov 28, 2016

Another vinyl reissue of a classic M.O.T.O. cassette, this one from 1995. The band—such as it is—gets a bit of a fuller sound—such as it is—on this recording, following a drummer shakeup—such as it is—whereby “Mattelicus Synsonicus” is replaced with “Dee Dee Five” (aka a Yamaha DD5 drum machine). The oddness of hearing these tremendous if off-the-wall songs—think Dee Dee Ramone meets Dr. Frank in a really fuzzy basement—just sort of lying around on obscure homemade cassettes, presumably (but not necessarily) for want of fuller execution is enough to cause even the most hardened cynic to ponder the fate, romance, and general mojo of the starving artist, booze-doomed poet, and minstrels of that ilk. Sure, there are songs about gagging and songs about choking, but what about “Meet Me at the Flagpole?” (“Meet me at the flagpole, run right up the hill. Somewhere someone waits for you, if you don’t, someone will.”) What if that song is supposed to save the world one day, and you never heard it? These are the types of things that giver sober men pause. BEST SONG: “Meet Me at the Flagpole” or “Benighted We Stand.” BEST SONG TITLE: Same. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This is the only record of which I can think which features a cover photo taken at Chicago’s infamous Fireside Bowl, which is odd. ­–Rev. Nørb (Rerun, rerunrecordsstl.com)