This M Is We song makes me feel like I am in a movie that is a 50/50 split across John Hughes and Tim Burton lines. It rules. It’s sparse electropop that gets me really contemplative and then it kicks in with some really crunchy feedback noise and comes back clean. It taps into that complicated feeling of nostalgic longing, which might be something purely constructed by pop culture but is real enough that it resonates. The Night Battles song does the same thing but through a different door. A heavier Burning Airlines, it still has some echoes of Tears For Fears that make it integrate really nicely with the first song. Honestly, this is a perfect split in that it does exactly what this format is supposed to do—find a moment of connection to spin the record around instead of just finding two matching bands and letting them each take half. Hats off to Broken Sound, doing the work of keeping Chapel Hill alive. –Theresa W. (Broken Sound)