M.D.C. / RESTARTS: Mobocracy: LP

Jan 18, 2017

To say that M.D.C. is a band that means a lot to me is a gross understatement. Like many kids who got into punk in the dark years just after the first hardcore wave came and went, M.D.C. was one of the first fast bands I listened to. I was instantly hooked. I kept up with them over the years, and even some of their less-known releases are favorite records of mine. Today, as a public defender, M.D.C. serves as the soundtrack for my occupation. It’s been an exciting time as an M.D.C. fan lately, with the release of frontman Dave Dictor’s memoir, Dictor’s being interviewed by Rolling Stone after Green Day referenced M.D.C. in an anti-Trump chant on national TV, and Beer City’s dedication to preserving M.D.C.’s recorded output. This reissue of M.D.C.’s 2009 split with the U.K. streetpunk band Restarts is Beer City’s twelfth vinyl M.D.C. reissue, packaged beautifully on color vinyl. Dictor’s signature vocal stylings and political lyrics shine on this release, and the Restarts side is full of the catchy tropes Restarts are known for. This reissue came out on Black Friday 2016. Were you beating up your fellow citizens at some shitty chain store, or were you looking for this record at your cool locally owned business? Mobocracy is a must. The world needs M.D.C. more than it ever did. Thankfully, Dave Dictor and company are still there for us. –Art Ettinger (Beer City)

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