LYSOL: “Wired” b/w “Knucklehead”: 7”

May 31, 2017

When I first heard of Seattle’s Lysol I wrongly assumed they were influenced by the Melvins (who have an album entitled Lysol). I also wrongly assumed this about a band called Ozma, who turned out to be indie-rock garbage. Thankfully, such was not the case with Lysol. On “Wired,” the band launches full throttle into mid ‘90s Recess Records punk a la F.Y.P or Quincy Punx. “Knucklehead” continues with the same fervor but with a looser garage punk feel, much like all the bands you know and love on Rip Off. It’s a Total Punk release, so it’s short, sweet, and to the point. –Juan Espinosa (Total Punk,