LYSOL: Soup for My Family: LP

Jan 05, 2022

I love when bands play like their lives depend on it. The Stooges come to mind. So do Void and maybe the Jesus Lizard. Seattle’s Lysol kinda sound like a blend of those three bands: part proto-punk, part early ’80s hardcore, a little noise rock, and one hundred percent unhinged and dangerous. Lysol’s not just coasting on adrenaline, though. There are tunes in there too, with actual hooks and dynamics. I especially like the catchy riffs and cascading vocal melody on “C-4” and how the “TV Eye” scream on “Glasgow Smile” raises the hair on the back of my neck. Be careful when you throw this on, though. It got me all amped and I fucked up my shoulder during a workout. Imagine the pain I’d be in if my old ass was at a show! –Chris Terry (Feel It,