LUNCHMEAT #12, $6, 8½” x 11”, color cover, 64 pgs.

Sep 22, 2023

Always at the forefront of reporting on VHS culture, Lunchmeat is back with issue number twelve. This issue contains regular columns, like film reviews of movies that never received a DVD release. In this issue you’ll find musings on Phillip Roth’s Red Snow (1990) and John Waters’s Mondo Trasho (1969), among others. There are also extensive interviews with directors of low-budget productions like John Wintergate’s Boardinghouse (1982). Stories include ruminations on why it’s fun to find home videos and interviews with people who collect multiple versions of the same tapes. Lunchmeat gets to the core of what made independent video stores feel subversive to those of us who enjoyed the process. It always contains loads of fun art and writing. It’s the Cahiers du Cinéma of VHS culture. –Billups Allen (

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