LUNCH: Plonge Dans Le Decor: LP

Jan 31, 2018

As I’ve said before, it’s really difficult to review bands who sing in a language that I don’t understand, but here it goes! Lunch is three-piece from Marseille, France. If I were to boil it down to a brief description, they’ve got a lot of the Fat Wreck Chords sound. Songs start out on a quick skate punk beat, slow down for choruses filled with gang vocals, and many of them find room for a hardcore breakdown or shredding solo. Sometimes both! The bass parts are robust and warm, but never too heavy to carry the song. Their drummer is great at knowing just when to come into a build up beat, or when to let the cymbals ride out the end of a song. In between those moments he’s a powerhouse of hi-hat/snare toggling with killer tom fills. “Deux Rails” is a good example of how their guitarist fills space with short notes picked throughout the intro and end of the track. Each member shares singing duties, and as a band they find nice harmonies both between the three of them and all together. A lot of the songs dip into moments of hardcore shouting, bookended with gruff melodic vocals. I really like the balance they found as a band and think they can pull off a lot of different styles all in one song. Makes me wish I had a universal translator implanted in my brain so I could understand them. –Kayla Greet (Panda / We Are Sharks / Crapoulet / Bad Mood Asso)