LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS: Those Pickled Fuckers!: LP

Jan 31, 2018

I believe this is the second proper Dumpers LP, but with all the tapes out there, it’s hard for me to really keep up. Seven songs and each side is like six minutes-ish long, which begs the question: why not a 7”? Lumpy flexes his vocal range here, as compared to the first LP and the previous 7”s (he speaks, speak-sings, and uses his snotty, raw throat shout-sing). The keyboards were unexpected (you’d might think the keyboardist from Nots joined the band). The cover art is what you expect from a Lumpy release (gross, yet oddly compelling). The Dumpers’ sound isn’t quite hardcore, though it seems the hardcore kids have adopted them. The best way to categorize the Dumpers’ sound is to say the music sounds like how the artwork looks. –Sal Lucci (Lumpy,