Jan 18, 2017

Lumpy And The Dumpers is probably the closest I come to listening to a hardcore band, but I don’t really think they’re a hardcore band. They’re on the more aggressive end of the punk spectrum, that aggression being in the harsh guitar tones and throat-shredding shout vocals. But Lumpy is too playful and silly to really be a hardcore band. We all know that hardcore bands and fans take themselves way too seriously. And a song like “Huff My Sack?” Isn’t that something a sophomoric pop punk band c. 1996 might have written? Anyhoo, it’s good to hear a proper long-player from Lumpy, as the only twelve-incher they have is a collection of early 7”s (at least that I know about. It’s almost impossible to keep up with their releases) and I have all those 7”s (I think) so I didn’t buy the collection LP. To me, this is Midwestern punk at nearly its finest. Even if the band doesn’t want to admit it, this record is a labor of love and more real than some of the junk spewed out by the coasts. –Sal Lucci (Lumpy,