LUKA FISHER: Internecine Vampires: CD

Sep 17, 2018

There’s this episode of Friends where Ross is talking about “his music” and he describes it as “wordless sound poems” while Monica laughs about the years he spent in the basement with his keyboard developing The Sound. I couldn’t stop thinking about that when I listened to this record, which I don’t mean as an insult since it probably reveals more about my cultural breadth than Fisher’s. I think that Fisher is also an L.A.-based visual artist and this record seems like it would really benefit from a visual element (which maybe it has in another life). I’m not inherently opposed to instrumental records, but this doesn’t quite have the Explosions In The Sky or Godspeed You! Black Emperor intensity that makes you feel like even eating spaghetti is the most meaningful thing you’ve ever done, even though I know that’s not the purpose of all experimental drone music. Or maybe my life just isn’t interesting enough? Both are possible. –Theresa W. (Silber,