LUCKY ROAD CAT #1, $7, 4” x 5”, perfect bound mini-book, 50 pgs.

May 31, 2017

This pocket-sized zine from punk rocker of Plan-It-X Records and Ghost Mice fame, Chris Clavin, contains three short stories. One about loosely organizing a summer fun fest, with little to no plans but still being able to pull it off in the end. The second is about watching people cruise around in the summer—whether it be in low riders or pick up trucks—and one lonely redneck “Super Cruiser” who became an unlikely friend. The third and last short story is a classic band’s tour tale, documenting many things that can go wrong, but showing how if you persevere and have a light-hearted attitude, you can take home some memories and some new lifelong friendships. –Tricia Ramos (Lucky Road Cat, Chris Clavin, c/o Secret Sailor Press, PO Box 2312, Bloomington, IN 47402, [email protected])