LUCKY DIOXIDE: Boozin’ Hard: 7”

Sep 17, 2018

A one-man U.K. band that, in four songs, apes Zeke, the Ramones, the majority of the Fat roster, and an old-timey blues/maritime song. Pleasant enough until you look at the lyric sheet. In “Dee Dee Ramone (I Wanna Be)”, this fellow pens such immortal lines as “I wanna smack my girl in the mouth / I dig the Stooges ‘cause I like their sound,” and “Bang a girl only 16 / Try to make it big in the Hollywood scene.” Between fetishizing the shittiest aspects of some long-dead punk and drug addict, the cookie-cutter lyrics about boozing it up, and the fact that this guy included a letter to “Razorcock” whining that us “review twats might as well shit all over this one too” and to “eat a donkey dick,” I remain unconvinced that anyone needs to give this one a spin. The dollar bin calleth, Jeeves. –Keith Rosson (Dead Society)