LSDOGS: Creeps: 7” single

Nov 28, 2016

LSDogs is a super group made up of people from Sick Thoughts, Black Abba, Vatican Dagger, and Buck Biloxi And The Fucks) cranking out the kind of punk that I absolutely love: dirty-as-hell guitar sound, and a shitty, bratty attitude in living color. No fancy virtuoso shenanigans; this is just about getting down and wrecking shit left and right. “Creeps” is a moderately quick tune that moves at a constant pace, and it’s a killer. But it’s “Yr Done” that really cooks. Mid tempo swagger and burn; the sonic equivalent of driving your thumb into someone’s temple. Unpleasant for them, but fun for you. This so f’n great I had to put aside my free jazz and prog records for an evening and listen to just this record over and over. I wants more! I wants more! –Matt Average (Total Punk,