LOVESORES: Gods of Ancient Grease: LP

Sep 17, 2018

I can’t believe The Lovesores aren’t a goddamn household name. First off, they’re fronted by Scott “Deluxe” Drake (Humpers, Vice Principals, Suicide Kings, et cetera.) The man is rock’n’roll royalty in my house. Lovesores stomp and swagger and play the kind of music Johnny Thunders wished he could have. Yeah, I said that out loud! Secondly, guitarist Saul Koll is an absolute force of nature. He can sling axe like Wayne Kramer and is better than James Williamson. Yeah, I said that too! Koll’s leads are muscular but tasteful, always white hot. No unnecessary wankery here. The rest of the band ain’t slouches either, folks. Gotta have a solid bassist to hold things down, a John Entwistle to whoever that other guy in that band was. I’m not sorry for any continuing Humpers comparisons, as they’ve been one of my favorite bands for over twenty years. I’ve followed Drake’s subsequent projects, from solo stuff to World’s Strongest Men and beyond. The Lovesores are the outfit most worthy of carrying the torch the Humpers lit then snuffed out in the punchbowl of your grandmother’s party. But, I do have one question—why isn’t Designated Dale reviewing this album? Didn’t he get his rock’n’roll name from a Humper? –Sal Lucci (Dead Beat)