Mar 22, 2017

From this U.K. band’s one sheet, I was certain I’d love it, or at least was very interested in what a band that compares themselves to both Jawbreaker and Fugazi would sound like. It boils down to a louder and more paranoid-sounding emo band. We can call them post-punk if that helps too, but they’re closest to early second wave emo, where it’s still heavily hardcore-influenced. These guys are certainly cutting their teeth on this first record. It’s real punchy yet still sweet and melodic. Their singer is why I can see the Jawbreaker reference. He belts out these words with so much reverence and intent that you can almost feel the polyps forming on his vocal chords. My one gripe is really just a personal one: too many lovelorn songs about girls and unrequited feelings. It honestly gets so old. Yes, put down your feelings into song. But don’t stop there. Make it the most beautiful, smart, and self-aware love song that you can manage. To the point where people listening aren’t sure if it’s about a relationship. Either way, Down Love has some exceptional tracks that are a bit like Beach Slang, and a bit like Apologies, I Have None. A little fuzzy and a little gritty. –Kayla Greet (Boss Tuneage,

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