LOUSY SUE: Artless Artifacts: LP

May 15, 2023

Linchpins of a surprisingly vibrant Indianapolis scene, Lousy Sue hurtles forward with a cooler full of concise punk pummelings that never last long enough for their absence of bells and whistles to be noticeable. The band’s sonic foundation is Angie LeBlanc’s turbocharged Mo Tucker-style drumbeats, the rhythmic cement to which all else is steadfastly anchored. These songs don’t tend to take many weird twists and turns—they establish their basic pretense efficiently, execute it deftly, and move along courteously. While never sounding the least bit sonically unfamiliar, this band really doesn’t remind me of anyone much—maybe Rebels And Infidels a little bit, if R&I were a three-piece, which they weren’t—though “Day Drinking” does sound a little like a less-epic “Reggae Reggae” by The Real Kids. When the band busts out the suspended chords (“Lousy”), they do sound a bit like they could have been part of that whole Radio X/Super*Teem/Rip Off extended family in the ’90s; given guitarist Jim Kuczkowski’s involvement with Rip Off Records back in the day (among other things, he was the guy who recorded Kill... The Infections, mic drop), this should not be entirely shocking. Bassist Jason Pizzleman is the only individual I’ve ever seen wearing a Wizards (you know, Mark Hamill’s other movie from 1977)T-shirt on stage, and, really, isn’t that all the further recommendation you need?BEST SONG: “Ferma Jean.” BEST SONG TITLE: “You’ll Know I’m Gone (When the Checks Stop Coming).” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This might be the first time I’ve ever seen Snorkeldorf and Hamhose of the Freakies®—a fondly-remembered but legitimately godawful breakfast cereal of my youth—represented on album packaging. –Rev. Nørb (Sweet Time, sweettimerecords.com)

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